It is way, way, way too late. Those who have driven forth for power and control have done the human species in. I give you the article links to what I have already written because I’m crippled and have only 2 fingers left.


I give you an easy way to imagine what QE is and what's being injected into us and fed to us.

[Think of a ‘Quantum Entanglement’ conduit as you would a standard electrical wire—only this wire is constructed out a quantum physics concept.]

It appears the terrible misuse of entanglement is even promoted by Musk—Starlink—and SpaceX.

Does Neuralink utilize quantum entanglement, too?

The ‘Entanglement’ of ‘Quantum Entanglement’


When all is said and done, we were never promised even one second of existence past the very one we exist in now. You can either lament and/or crumble at the thought, or let the flavor of existing this very second explode in your mouth. I prefer the latter.


I find research papers and articles that show they have sought brain control since the 1970s.


The first HFSP Nakasone award goes to Karl Deisseroth of Stanford University




I share them but doubt many can understand them


Quantum entanglement of K+ Ions




I’ve heard people are going blind after the shots. That could well be because they are trying to genetically modify ‘retinal glial cells.’


Neuron Glia Biology, 2004,



Tesla was a gift who was ill-used. He gave us the means to have electricity practically free. But there are those who commercialize electricity just to make more dough.


The Ammann brothers created a car that ran on electricity snatched out of the air. [I’d give you the link, but it was taken down soon after I posted it.]


Fate Magazine

, October 1956, pp. 123-125; "Report from the Readers"

Mysterious Invention


The Hubbard Energy Transformer" brought back to me exciting memories of another inventor. In 1918, while doing painting and decorating, I was hired to paper several bedrooms in a large two-story house. While at this work I went down to the back porch to pick up some materials. I happened to glance at the light meter and saw it was not moving.

I opened the fuse box and saw the main power fuses had been removed. It took only a minute to make sure the line had not been taped beyond the meter.

The only member of the family at home at the time was a young man in his early twenties [C. Earl Ammann]. I asked him, "Earl, where do you get your juice? I noticed it does not come from the power lines".

"Come along and I’ll show you", he said. He led me up to the attic. He placed some steel bars on a work table and picked up a coil which looked like a loose coupler. After placing the coils on the steel rods he touched the opposite terminal. The bell rang with great force, and there was quite a spark,too.

I picked up the coils to make sure there was no contact with other appliances. I could see right through them. There was no battery inside. The bell rang just as vigorously. The wire was iron.

In the basement Earl had what he called an Activator Transformer, the size of two fists, which had to be within 10 miles of the radius of the generator coils. The activator was not in contact with any visible wires or appliances. It was activated by the electric currents which surge around the earth and activate the compass needle. By cutting into these currents, earl said, we can obtain unlimited power.

A year later Earl demonstrated his Cosmo Electric Generator in Denver. He had placed two copper spheres on the front fenders of his car in pace of the headlights. From these copper spheres he obtained enough power to drive that old jalopy all over Denver as reported in the Denver Post at the time.

While Earl was demonstrating his invention all over the streets of Denver, the power had been cut-off in the foothills. In spite of this, when he went to Washington DC shortly afterward to try to obtain a patent on his Cosmo Electric Generator, he found that charges had been filed against him claiming he had a device to steal power from the power lines.

K. H. Isselstein,

Spokane, WA


Those who sought to capitalize off of the human species have shot themselves in the arse.


Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

A World We are Never Allowed to ‘See’ through all the Chaos


The ‘littleguy’ is never invited to see the world of quantum. We use things every day that involve quantum, but are never invited in to see the magic used to create it.


Give a big HURRAH to DARPA. [Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency]. They are most definitely part of humanity’s problem.


Darpa, Military behind new covid-vaccines [Graphene and Quantum Entanglement]


When I first promoted Connie’s article, I had the sense graphene was extraordinarily important, but I didn’t know why. I’m now a closer to understanding it. The science on graphene is out there. People tend to gloss over it [because I think they don’t understand it.] But recently, I became...

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