Social Media Censorship Should Stop

Several days ago I informed you that twitter censored me. Well, on Thursday while away working on something which could change the game I was actually suspended. The reason of course is my work and especially recent research on how deep is the connection between pharma industry, politicians and elite. Read more here

This time it wasn’t only me but two other powerful accounts @abirballan and @MarkChangizi.

The biggest weapon against censorship on social media and in general is talking about it. So please let everybody know. My backup account on twitter is @genuineprospec1 - please follow me.

I am likely one of the few people on the good side who have the knowledge of virology, clinical research and basic biology. Recently I became an investigative journalist too because the ones who are paid for it are nowhere to be found. They only write what are told to

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Mass Media Is A Mass Disinformation Tool
I am sure you know it, actually, but journalists aren’t there to tell you what’s going on. They are propaganda puppets. Journalists tell you what are paid to. Everything on mass media is controlled narrative. Everything you read, hear or watch is made with the aim of influencing your decisions, not to inform you. It could be say for the entertainment in…
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Also since cutting me from my almost 25 K followers means less donations for my work, please donate via my blog or just share. I will need funds for my genuine science website which will be made by scientists. Nobody can stop me to bring science and reason back. I know as well you will help me to do it! I believe in you!