You are closer to right—but not quite. They got my babies brains in the 1970s. It probably sounds dystopian, but it is not. I was there. Here’s a tiny piece of my oldest’s story:


April 6, 1974 Redux

Since 1971, all the shots were meant to chemically intellectually castrate our babies. I observed the results for decades because they got my babies in the 1970s—the first wave of brain-damaged children.



I had to actually fight the school system to get them to teach something—anything. I finally pulled my brain-damaged oldest out of regular school and he went here:


Farr Academy By the Numbers [Updated]


This one is personal. I keep trying to contact these people to no avail. Not because I wanted to accuse them of anything, but I wanted to know if they know. I almost felt like they were friends. Guess I was wrong.*****

When I brought my son, Paul, to you, at least some of your staff [over the 7 years he was at Farr] reinforced the belief that his mother was his problem. I sensed this in one of your workers when I went to Farr a few years ago to tell the current director of Farr (Bonnie and Tom’s son) that I had finally found out what had happened to my beautiful baby boy.


There are plenty of folks out there making a very healthy living promoting their own views and then there are the Globalist Misleaders. They are mostly men. I seriously don’t know which you are, but if you are one of the ‘good guys’ I will pass it around to my guys.


Globalist Misleaders


Ahh—but we are already fighting WWIII and WE are the enemy

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

But Wait!! I have already said WAR is already being waged. This whole scamdemic thing was laid out over a decade ago on maybe page 19—I’ll look—you should, too.

Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development

I accept NO funds for what I do. Human life is priceless. As a child prodigy, I always believed this was true. My goal as a child was to cure cancer, but when they brain-damaged my babies, I declined free passage to further education and I chose to stay with them.

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