Dec 28, 2021Liked by Dr Lidiya Angelova

No being able to travel is my main dislike of the current situation. I used to live in Europe during the relatively warm part and in SE Asia in the other half of the year.

That lifestyle has ended abruptly and since 2019 I'm forced to live in Asia.

Getting ZERO support or understanding from any government institute from my country of origin is frustrating.

Every now and then they send information about safety aspects of the area where I live.

Well, they're all WRONG. Telling me my area has high risk of the virus, while there's nothing happening.

The last was a major warning about the vulcano we have in the back of our garden. Local authorities say it's asleep which is confirmed by what we see ourselves.

Well, anything too SCARE us, or potential travellers who are considering going here.

There objective is obvious: stay at home and watch TV, so we can feed you lies...

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