What You Think You Know About the Ukrainian War Is a LIE

Share and speak about the video below because this is the truth which you won’t see anywhere in mass media.

Where are your crocodile tears for the children killed by the Ukrainian government, for the children killed by NATO on a daily basis?

Aren't they also human?

By putting the Ukrainian flag on our profile photos, you demonstrate one thing: you are a complete moron!

As I have previously stated, we must dismantle NATO, the World Health Organization, and other similar organizations. These organizations are a cancer to humanity.

International Organizations Destroy The World
You're probably aware that I have firsthand knowledge of authoritarian actions by large international organizations like the World Health Organization, which silenced me on LinkedIn for asking questions about the so called pandemic. Mike Ryan personally checked my persona and ordered that I must be eliminated from LinkedIn. It's not just a social networ…
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BTW where did COVID-19 go?! Not in the leading news anymore?

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