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My substack account was created so I can have another place to write since my blog Genuine Prospect is censored on social media. I want to make it more interesting for you. So, from now on, it will be your Sunday newsletter, with a summary of the week's most interesting news - Sunday Weekly Review. I'll also repost some of my most critical blog posts for easier sharing. Please consider becoming a paid subscriber so that I can continue to make it accessible to those who cannot afford a paid subscription. If you aren't familiar with my work take a look here: 


Right now, I only work on my blog and Substack. Support is much valued. Sharing also aids. It will support the development of Humans Network and the launch of Genuine Science Journal.

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Dr Lidiya Angelova
I am a biomedical scientist and a freelance writer. I deliver news not shown in the news. I make my own research so you could make informed decisions. Twitter @angelovalidiya unsuspended (can't believe it), follow me on GETTR @lidiyaangelova too.